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> Alan DuBoff wants to give the following presentation at the May
> Baypiggies meeting.
> Vote +1 if you're interested.
> Abstract
> Writing Titanium Desktop Applications with Python
> Appcelerator's Titanium Desktop provides the developer a means to use
> Python code, callable from Javascript. It provides a desktop
> application that will run on OSX, Linux, or Windows. Much of the
> backend is also written in Python which creates the applications,
> bundling, packaging, etc...although our libraries which are callable
> through Javascript are written in C/C++/Objective-C. The source code
> is open source and is readily available from github. This environment
> provides another way to deliver applications and can be useful to
> Python programmers in general. The product offers much more, but I
> wanted to highlite the fact that it does allow Python, and explain how
> it provides a flexible web interface on your desktop.
> Bio
> Alan DuBoff
> Has been consulting and working at various large and small companies
> in the high tech industry, including Silicon Valley area for more than
> 15 years.  Alan has been involved with user groups, having run at
> least 6 of them over the past 30 years, starting with the Tokyo PC
> User Group.  He likes embedded devices.  His past work before working
> on Titanium Desktop includes Sun Microsystems, Kerbango/3Com, VA Linux
> Systems, WebVan, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and more. He supports, advocates,
> and uses open source software whenever possible.
> --
> Alan DuBoff - Software Orchestration
> http://www.softorchestra.com:8080/roller/blog/
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