[Baypiggies] free python-and-Qt PySide workshop in SF next month

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 00:52:57 CEST 2011

Greetings BayPIGies.   My colleague and friend Thomas Perl from
Austria will be visiting the Bay Area next month and offering a free
workshop on PySide, a newish open source alternative to PyQt.
Thomas is the author and proprietor of gpodder (http://gpodder.net/),
the Python-based podcatcher that I use a couple of hours per day on
both my Linux phone and my Linux desktop.   Here is Thomas'
description of the workshop:

PySide is an open source binding to the Qt licensed under the GNU
LGPL. The workshop will be about developing Qt/QML applications with
Python, targetting both mobile (handset) and tablet user interfaces.
As Qt is cross-platform, it also works on desktop operating systems
(Linux, OS X, Windows) and even a port to Android exists (PySide
bindings still have to be ported to Android, though). In addition to
discussing the creation of new apps with QML, we can also discuss
porting apps from PyQt to PySide, or adding PySide UIs to other Python

The free workshop will be held in SF at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero
Hotel on Sunday May 22 as part of MeeGo Conference Spring 2011:


You need not attend the rest of the Conference in order to get into
the Workshop.

Thomas will be in SF from Sunday through Wednesday and would love to
meet local Pythonistas.   Please address questions about the workshop
to him directly at th.perl at gmail.com


Alison Chaiken
(650) 279-5600  (cell)
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