[Baypiggies] CASS certified Postal Mail Verification free RESTful API?

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Fri Aug 19 01:04:54 CEST 2011

I have the need to consume an API service. I'd like it to be an Open
Source/Creative Commons service instead of paying for it.

There are several commercial equivalent RESTful APIs that I could consume.
Some examples follow:

* http://www.cdyne.com/terms/address-standardization.aspx
* http://www.experian.com/small-business/address-verification.jsp

The reason I want to consume this service is to verify that if I have a
business from one source and I want to intelligently/programmatically match
that same business from another source, one of the steps in that
validation/verification is to compare addresses.

Half way through looking at this, I think "There's no API to do this. I
could make a Python service to do this as an open source project." Any time
I get in that mode, I usually find someone has attempted it or has a very
successful version of it already running.

Q1) Does anyone know of a package/service that already exists like this --
as a free API?

Q2) If the answer to Q1 is no, then I want to create an open source
project/free service that is consumable by anyone. I am looking for the
original data from the USPS. Does anyone know where I can find it.

I've found other resources, such as these:

This is the US Government certification for evaluation of such software:


A list of software suppliers that already do this:

Tech Guidelines:

Example Error codes

I'm still trolling through data to find something. I'd hate to do all of
this work if someone else already provides this service. I am also trying to
find the raw address data.

Thanks in advance for any help that you may provide....


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