[Baypiggies] Pyramid 1.0

Alexandre Conrad alexandre.conrad at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 18:49:14 CET 2011

Hey all,

For those interested in web development, a new web framework called
Pyramid was recently released as version 1.0 stable. Pyramid is a
merger project between the repoze.bfg and the Pylons web frameworks,
which also means a great community boost for Pyramid as devs and users
from both communities "merged" as well. Pylons and BFG are now
considered legacy apps and all new development efforts are now focused
on Pyramid. As you will see, Pyramid's documentation is pretty


So why a merge? Long story short, the lead developer of Pylons, Ben
Bangert, started thinking about Pylons 2.0, the next Pylons version.
As he was attempting rewrite Pylons' core, he found out that it
eventually looked very much like the BFG framework. So Ben Banger,
Chris McDonough (BFG), Mark Ramm (TurboGears 2), Paul Everitt and
Chris Rossi (Zope/Plone devs) gathered to talk about a Pylons + BFG
merge. And Pyramid was born.

Full story:

Alex | twitter.com/alexconrad

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