[Baypiggies] Hello Bay Piggies, interested in a PyPy talk?

jim jim at systemateka.com
Thu Feb 3 19:26:42 CET 2011

    i'll do nothing until you send me an email that 
is more or less: 
* with a subject that says Please Post This Event 
  (doesn't have to say "please"). 
* body of message with the event name, one or 
  two paragraphs describing the nature of the 
  event (to be copied to the event list, make 
  it as brief as you can), days and times the 
  event is to take place. 
* also in the body of the message, information 
  for me to know: what resources do you expect 
  to need, e.g. chairs, whiteboard, tables.... 

    as part of your contribution, consider bringing 
a couple of nice, new whiteboard erasers along with 
a bottle of whiteboard cleaning solution. 

On Thu, 2011-02-03 at 19:13 +0100, Laura Creighton wrote:
> In a message of Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:46:55 PST, jim writes:
> >
> >    one way or another you make a bid for the use 
> >of the space. remember you don't have to, you can 
> >just show up and hope for the best. 
> >    assuming you want to stake a claim, the result 
> >should be notice on the noisebridge.net wiki page 
> >(the front page in the events section). 
> >    bring up the page and edit it yourself or 
> >tell someone who's active with noisebridge (e.g. 
> >me) the date and number of expected people and 
> >nature of the event and ask them to post to the 
> >wiki page for you (probably that person will 
> >know better than you what resources exist and 
> >are free). 
> >    lemme know whether you'll post the event or 
> >want someone (e.g. me) to do it for you. 
> I'd like you to post it.  what it is is a mini sprint.  I
> will have text for you by tomorrow.  I'm going to give a
> talk about PyPy at yelp on Thursday, and they think that
> more than 40 people will come, and I am going to invite
> all who wish to, to come over the weekend.  Ditto for Armin's
> stanford talk.  So we really don't know whom will show up, but
> we can guess, 6-12.
> Thank you for all your help,
> Laura

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