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Wed Feb 16 22:11:45 CET 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011, Roderick Llewellyn wrote:
> This is the true tyranny of the American system. If you are a
> full-time employee, you get free or nearly free medical coverage.
> But if you leave employment, you only get Cobra (which by the way if
> you are gay, it does NOT cover your partner, because it's a Federal
> program and as you probably know, the Feds only recognize the
> existence of gay people in one context: you can't serve in the
> Army), which lasts 18 months (plus 18 more covered by California).
> Once that time expires, you are on your own. And if you are now 50,
> forget about getting medical insurance. This in turn will force you
> to take full time work to get coverage. But guess what: hi-tech
> firms want to hire 50 year olds about as much as medical insurance
> companies want to cover them!

Unless the law has changed in the last decade, this isn't quite true:
after your COBRA expires, HIPAA mandates that your insurance company sell
you insurance at some "market rate" (which is considerably higher than
rates charged to companies, but is not outrageous compared to individual
plans with similar features).
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