[Baypiggies] setup.py of the _future_

Herbert Pfennig herbert at albinen.com
Thu Feb 17 08:30:11 CET 2011

Hi All,

I am working on a test framework and have been trying to get
a good grasp on the direction I should take with packaging my
project. Essentially the things that I would like to support are as

- Have multiple subpackages along with a core package that can be
  installed separately (kind of like twisted, zope, scipy, etc)

- Be able to install custom noseplugins (setuptools has an easy way to
  do this)

- Be able to install console_scripts entry points.

- Avoid creating eggs. Basically "pip install" from source control.

The trouble I am having is trying to figure out what tools I should
use (e.g. setuptools, distutils, distribute) and the approach I should
take. For example, do I take the twisted approach and write a custom
distutils wrapper that I run from a single setup.py. Or, instead, do I
take the zope approach and go with 'namespace_packages', creating a
setup.py for each subpackage in my source tree?

My sense, after having googled about this for about 3 hours, is that
things are converging on a pip/distutils2 solution in the future. If
that is the case, is there a preferred way to tackle the _multiple_
packages problem? Something simpler?

Btw, I have just started using pip and am very impressed with its
support for virtualenv and the ability to install from VCS. It
basically got me thinking about not needing to go the egg route
because I could possibly just manage everything from mercurial.

Anyways, any pointers in the right direction would be greatly



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