[Baypiggies] hardware question

William Deegan bdbaddog at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 00:50:39 CET 2011

On Dec 31, 2010, at 9:03 AM, Ken Seehart wrote:

> On 12/24/2010 05:22 PM, Aahz wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 23, 2010, Vikram K wrote:
>>> Recently i got funding to buy a new laptop. The choice is between Apple
>>> (which i have never ever used),  or HP/Dell.
>>> Since most of my computational work will be using python i wanted to ask
>>> others on this forum about whether there would be any compatibility issues
>>> with using the various python libraries (matplotlib, scipy, numpy,
>>> Biopython, etc.) when using Python on the Mac.
>> There's one simple reason why I absolutely stick with Macs for laptops:
>> sleep Just Works.  Supposedly there's been progress in recent years, but
>> I still often see people booting up their laptops instead of just waking
>> them from sleep when it's not a Mac.  Get a Mac with 8GB RAM and you'll
>> have plenty of room for virtual machines for Ubuntu, Windows, or
>> whatever.
>> Overall, I'm happier when I'm using my Ubuntu desktop at home, mainly
>> because Macs are somewhat keyboard-unfriendly, although you can do an
>> awful lots with the Mac keyboard if you invest some time learning.
>> (Surprisingly, Windows and Ubuntu are mostly in a dead heat for keyboard
>> friendliness.)  If you are familiar with and like Gnome/KDE virtual
>> screens, you will hate the Mac implementation.
>> You should get a mouse with your Mac if you have sweaty fingers, the
>> capacitive trackpad sometimes goes wonky.
>> I've used 13", 15", and 17" laptops.  IMO 15" is the best compromise
>> between screen size and portability.  Get the anti-glare screen, the
>> glossy is one thing I dislike about my current Mac.
> <mutant_topic>
> I'm going to buy a new laptop for PYCON, and the Mac virtual
> machine idea is tempting.  The one issue I have is whether
> it is possible to run CUDA code in a windows vm and a ubuntu
> vm on a mac.
> Anyone know about this?
> </mutant_topic>

I googled around and it looks like the answer is no. 
I think you could use bootcamp to dual boot your  laptop to win/ubuntu if you needed CUDA.


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