[Baypiggies] email interface module

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Fri Jan 7 19:24:38 CET 2011

Reginald> Hello, can anyone tell me if there are available Python
Reginald> modules that can manipulate an email?  Ideally I'm looking for
Reginald> a module that if I asigned a dedicated email address for it,
Reginald> could recieve an email, open the files and do a word search
Reginald> for specific fields extraction. Is that reasonably possible?
Reginald> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I hear Python is very
Reginald> flexible, but I've got much more of a hardware background than
Reginald> software.

What do you mean by "specific field extraction"?  Email header fields or
email body incl. MIME parts?

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