[Baypiggies] email interface module

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Fri Jan 7 21:30:20 CET 2011

Reginald Conley <reginaldconley at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Hello,
>           can anyone tell me if there are available Python modules that can 
> manipulate an email? 

Well, there's mailbox and email...

> Ideally I'm looking for a module that if I asigned a 
> dedicated email address for it, could recieve an email,

That would be SMTP server-side support.  See
http://www.doughellmann.com/PyMOTW/smtpd/.  Now, assigning a "dedicated
email address" might be tricky; register a distinctive alias for the
machine on which you are running the smtpd server, and make your address
something like "foo at mydistinctivedomain.bar".

> open the files

Use the standard "email" module for this, using the data received from
the smtpd server.

> and do a word search for specific fields extraction.

I'd use PyLucene for this, but that's really overkill.  Python "re"
should work reasonably well for this.

>  Is that reasonably possible?



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