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Sun Jan 16 04:06:25 CET 2011

I am primarily interested in how other developers conduct 
testing of their code and web applications.

I'm already familiar with Selenium through a web browser, but 
not through a programming language or testing framework, so I am 
interested in seeing how to do that with python.

I recently stumbled across CubicTest, a Selenium plugin for 
Eclipse, but I'm not familiar with it yet.  I'm plugging through 
the tutorial.

I want to learn more about TDD, and how to write useful 
unittests or doctests in python.

I don't know whether you would call it a testing framework, but 
I've been trying out pydev for Eclipse.  I really like its 
debugger and being able to step through code.

I'm not familiar at all with twill or cucumber (other than I've 
heard cucumber mentioned often amongst Rubyists), so I'm curious 
about them.


On 1/15/11 at 5:05 PM, glen at glenjarvis.com (Glen Jarvis) pronounced:

>Of the different frameworks that you'd like to see practical examples
>on, are you more interested in Selenium, twill, cucumber (BDD), TDD?
>On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Steve Piercy - Web Site Builder <
>Web at stevepiercy.com> wrote:
>>On 1/15/11 at 1:49 PM, glen at glenjarvis.com (Glen Jarvis) pronounced:
>>One idea is the "buzzwords" type talk where each framework is introduced
>>> and a high level "this is why it's more useful than another" is given. For
>>> example, twill, selenium, lettuce, nose, unit tests, etc.
>>> Another idea is to pick a few and drill down on them showing how to write
>>> them. For example, how does one mock up things and what tools are in place.
>>If I had to choose, I'm much more interested in the latter.  I absorb much
>>more from practical examples, and can make my own comparisons and contrasts
>>at a high level.
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