[Baypiggies] SF Python meet-up featuring Dev Tools for Django and Web2Py

Grace Law gracelaw at mac.com
Thu Jul 7 04:50:17 CEST 2011

Hi there,

There is a python meet-up next Wed 7/13 hosted by http://www.meetup.com/sfpython/ that I want to share with you -


Our next meet-up features 2 outstanding speakers. We will look at tools that speed up your development cycle in Django and other python applications. We will also learn more about Web2Py, a MVC based framework that focuses on rapid development and favors convention over configuration approach. Recruiters, please sit this one out.

Yelp has graciously agree to host this event but their building security is very straight. Please fill out the FORM below AND BRING your PHOTO ID to ensure assess to the event. : 

Agenda for 7/13 at Yelp in San Francisco

6:30p - Check-in and mingle, enjoy Food and Beer compliments of Yelp

7.10p - Welcome

7.15p - Intro to Web2Py (Massimo DiPierro)

7.45p - Announcements / break

8.00p - Tools to speed up dev cycles in Django and other framework (David Crammer)

8.45p - Q & A, more networking ...

9:30p - Door close and moving the party else where


1. Massimo DiPierro, Lead developer of Web2Py and Author of "The Official Web2Py Book" is in town from Chicago and has agreed to visit SFpython and tell us more about his framework and answer any questions you may have. When he is not working on Web2Py, he teaches CS at DePaul University and does research on High Performance and Scientific Computing, Computer Security, and Numerical Algorithms for Scientific and Financial applications.

2. David Crammer recently spoke at PyCon and Euro PyCon and wow the community by revealing the wisdom gained from working at Disqus - world's largest Django site handling 500 million users and 25,000 requests a second at peak and growing exponentially. In this talk, he is going to tell us about tools that help debugging and developing your Django application faster and easier. Non-Django users will find this talk interesting too as David will also cover things that can be used in any Python application, including:

- Building a more efficient developer environment

- Interactive debugging

- Error logging

- Profiling your code

Due to the 2 scheduled talks, we will not have lightning talks at this meeting. As usual, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Please RSVP here for meetup location and details: http://www.meetup.com/sfpython/events/24721631/

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