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David James Brunner djb at davidjamesbrunner.org
Wed Jul 27 20:43:42 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I'm developing a new communication layer meta to email that leverages some
interesting ideas from social media, system architecture, and organization
theory.  My company, moduleQ, is assembling a small team to tackle some hard
architectural problems around complex data structures, modeling viral
diffusion, and extreme scalability and robustness.  Some more details follow

I'll be at the meeting Thursday, and I'd love to connect with anyone who
finds these challenges intriguing.  Please send me an email or find me




*moduleQ seeks developers for new communication paradigm
Email has become the dominant knowledge worker communication tool, bringing
along with it untold frustration and suffering. Nearly all of us struggle to
organize and manage our overflowing inboxes. Email overload causes real
economic damage, on the order of $1 trillion per year globally based on some

moduleQ is a San Francisco-based, stealth-mode startup developing a
radically innovative communication technology based on ideas from social
media and new paradigms for structuring and organizing knowledge worker
interactions. Our technology, based on research at the intersection of
computer science and organization theory, has the potential to displace
email, disrupt the enterprise IT industry, and transform organizations from
the bottom up.

To deliver this technology, moduleQ is developing an innovative backend
architecture based on concepts borrowed from industrial engineering. Our
backend uses a cluster of Python servers organized into modular information
assembly lines. By modularizing and linearizing the backend, and using
explicit routing to control the flow of data through the lines, we can
achieve higher levels of scalability, transparency, and evolvability.

moduleQ is assembling a small team of talented Python programmers to develop
core platform components and manage a diverse ecosystem of development
partners. Ideal candidates are interested in developing extremely scalable,
extraordinarily robust client-server applications in Python, excited about
experimenting with new architectural metaphors, good at providing vision and
direction in self-organizing communities, and familiar with a range of
server and database technologies. Experience with Twisted or other
asynchronous networking technologies a plus.

moduleQ was founded by David Brunner to commercialize his doctoral research
at the intersection of computer science and organization theory. Our
world-class advisory board includes prominent academics, several former
CIOs, successful tech entrepreneurs, and accomplished technologists.

If these challenges sound intriguing, please contact <djb at moduleq.com>
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