[Baypiggies] JOB: Python Server / Scalability Engineer for online games with 10+M users

Grace Law gracelaw at mac.com
Sat Jun 18 03:56:21 CEST 2011

Hi there

My company is looking to add 2 more python server engineers in SF- see below for more info and feel free to pass this along.    Aside from being a python fan, you should like small teams, smart engineers, fun and collaborative work environment, optimized codes, and iterating quickly.  



Do you want to write and scale high availability servers in Python handling millions of users?

Do you want to work with smart and fun people and make an impact in the social gaming industry?

If so, our _server_ team want to talk to you.

About Lolapps:

- Our 20 engineers are responsible for Ravenwood Fair on Facebook with 10+ millions of users
- Our **3** people server team is dealing with  100s of servers handling 12K simultaneous requests and growing quickly.
- Our core technology stack consists of Python(Pylons), AS3, MySQL, and Mongo.
- We believe in small teams, smart engineers, fun and collaborative work environment, optimized codes, and iterating quickly.  
- People say we have the best engineers in the gaming space in the bay area.  We say, that can't be true.  There are tons of smart people and we want to work with more of them so we can all grow.
- People say our game run faster and play better than Zynga's.  We like it.

We're looking for 2 more server / performance engineers to work onsite in SF with our fun team.

About you:

- a go getter and a team player
- can bang out high quality codes quickly and have personal side projects
- Love python and can code it in your sleep
- Superior knowledge of Linux, scripting, and SQL
- Understand when MySQL is great and experiment with NoSQL solutions (Memcached/MongoDB/Redis/Cassandra)
- Know how to put together a web-application stack (We use Pylons/Paste.)
- Strong in CS, have the capacity / experience to work with tons of data, write caching solutions, deal with scalability challenges of high transaction, high availability servers, tinker on real-time solutions.
- Enjoy bouncing ideas off of your teammates to build up solutions no one person could of thought up by himself
- Care about your implementations and find yourself compulsively checking that your latest experimental deploy is working the way you thought it would
- Prefer the pace and excitement of building consumer internet applications over enterprise solutions
- Definitely prefers making an impact at start-ups

You'll get to:

- Work in a 55 people company, strategically positioned in an innovative space that is expanding into a billion dollar industry.
- Work with 3 really smart software engineers and own the infrastructure of very high transactions servers
- Design and implement large chunks of scalability features that will take Lolapps' games to the next level.
- Help make key infrastructure decisions (databases, replication layouts, caching solutions, etc.)
- Experiment with the newest emerging open-source technologies.
- Test your ideas and strategies out on millions of users and enormous data sets.
- Have fun. Play ping pong, foosball, video games
- Eat. We buy your lunches.
- Be healthy. We offer free pilates classes onsite.

Sounds intriguing?

Play our latest game and see why millions are returning to Ravenwood Fair, one of Facebook's Top Social Games: (http://www.facebook.com/RavenwoodFair)

To apply:


or Write to grace at lolapps.com
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