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On Mar 8, 2011, at 01:29 , Glen Jarvis wrote:

> I am trying to automate the installing a new virtual environment with 132 different packages on a regular basis. Instead of installing from PyPi every time, I want to install from installed packages previously downloaded. For example, this package has been used in this environment:
> boto==2.0b2
> But, what is currently available from PyPi is boto-2.0b4.tar.gz. 
> Pip seems to get this right somehow by just doing a pip install boto==2.0b2. I have inherited these packages and have no control over what is currently "tested" (otherwise, one can say -- just download the 2.0b4.tar.gz file and keep using it). This was all just handed to me.
> Can I tell pip to just download the files for installation, but don't try to install yet.
> I ultimately want to install from the files that are distributed so that every installation is exactly the same (and so we don't rely on PyPi for the source at every single installation). For this package, I just want to do a:
> pip install boto-2.0b2.tar.gz (but I need to get the file from somewhere).

If you're sure to be using pip, you could use a pip bundle? They can be generated from requirements files, so you could specify your specific package versions etc.

> So, in summary, how do I download an exact version from PyPi (I can't see how to do it from a web interface)... 
> Cheers,
> Glen
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