[Baypiggies] jobs at HighWire Press

Sandrine Ribeau sandrine.ribeau at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 18:37:34 CET 2011


There are quite some openings right now at my company. Some explicitly
involves Python, others don't.
I've started working for them two months ago, and it was no planned I would
use Python, and I do. So I'd say that they are pretty open. If you find the
good use for it, you got it!
They are all listed under:

Type 'HighWire' as the keyword search and you will find them listed. Some
are double posting, meaning that they will hire two candidates for one
position posted.
They strongly encourage us to recommend candidates, so if any of those are
of your interests, let me know and I'll send your resume to the hiring

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