[Baypiggies] Rails for Django folks?

Dirk Bergstrom dirk at otisbean.com
Sun Mar 20 19:45:06 CET 2011

I'm starting a new job next week and they have some existing Rails apps 
I'll need to support.  From their descriptions[1] I'll probably end up 
rewriting them in Python/Django, but in the short run I'll need to do 
some fixes and small enhancements.  Can anyone point me to a good 
resource on "Rails for Django programmers"?

I've found a couple reasonable docs on "Ruby for Pythonistas"[2], but 
searching for "Rail for Django dudes" mostly pulls up pissing matches 
about which one is "better".  I found a couple weak guides, but they 
were five or six years old.  There's gotta be something better out there...

[1] Web apps hacked together by PhD compiler and chip microcode guys.  I 
shudder to think...


Dirk Bergstrom
dirk at otisbean.com

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