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This is obviously ripped from our python.org ad; feel free to send
questions to me, but resumes should be sent to jobs at egnyte.com.
Although we're advertising these as specific positions, we're overall
more interested in hiring good people than filling slots.

Boilerplate section:

**About the company**

Egnyte, the leader in Hybrid Cloud Storage solutions for businesses, is
well funded and expanding rapidly. We have won the acclaim of leading
publications and, more importantly, continual enthusiastic praise of loyal
customers. This is an energetic and fast-paced environment. We love our
work and accomplishments, and we thrive on teamwork. All of us have a
roll-up-your-sleeves and get-the-job-done mentality, and we hope to add
people with a similar work ethos!

**What Python is used for**

Our Local Cloud product is written in Python, both client and server.

**Contact Info:**

* **Contact**: Dan Barrick, Recruiter
* **E-mail contact**: jobs at egnyte.com
* **Web**: http://www.egnyte.com/
* **No telecommuting** (remove one)

Individual jobs:

**Job Description**

Senior Engineer (Hypervisors)

* Package and deploy Egnyte clients on different hypervisors
* Develop kernel and file system extensions for deep integration with file systems


* 5+ years of professional software engineering
* 3+ years of professional development experience in C/C++ and GNU toolchain
* Experience developing and packaging applications for one or more virtualization platforms (VMWare / Hyper-V / Xen)
* Knowledge of large-scale storage and in-depth knowledge of at least one file-system
* Competency with Python
* Proven ability to work in a fast moving environment


* Experience with file level protocols such as CIFS/NFS/AFP
* Knowledge of NAS/SAN architectures and related protocols (iSCSI/FCP)
* Experience with Linux kernel internals
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

**Job Description**

Senior Engineer (Synchronization)

* Own, improve, maintain and enhance code responsible for synchronizing file systems
* Specify, design and implement features that improve the utility, performance and scalability of the platform.
* Enhance and extend cross-platform components that enable real-time sync of user data.
* Provide engineering support for live production issues as needed.


* 5+ years of professional software engineering
* Experience in algorithm design
* Expert in Python
* In-depth knowledge of developing concurrent, distributed applications
* Proven record in designing APIs and well-specified protocols, including web-services paradigms (REST)
* Passionate about software quality
* Proven ability to work in a fast moving environment
* BS (or higher) in Computer Science or equivalent experience


* Competent in Java technologies
* In-depth knowledge of internet protocols
* Experience with file system APIs/architecture (on Windows/Mac/Linux)

**Job Description**

Desktop Engineer (Mac)

* Improve native desktop experience on Apple platforms
* Improve installation process
* Troubleshoot and fix field issues


* 5+ years of professional software engineering experience
* 2+ years of Macintosh desktop programming experience with personal projects or work
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
* Object-oriented programming e.g. Python, Objective-C


* In-depth knowledge of Python
* Python servers and web frameworks (CherryPy, Tornado, Twisted, etc) and HTML/CSS/JS
* Windows desktop application development (in addition to required experience with Mac)
* Tech support or QA
* Linux and other Open Source technologies
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