[Baypiggies] Seed-funded startup looking for a jack-of-all-trades lead web dev

David Marble davidmarble at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 00:14:11 CET 2011

Dear Pythonistas and Python-aware email list addicts,

We're looking to for our first full-time developer since taking funding.
I'll be at the BayPIGgie Meetup tonight wearing an old bright green
Techcrunch 50 shirt.

You'll be a key team member as we grow, working with me to build out the dev
team and architect for the future. We're nearing completion of an alpha
version of the product, with a mobile browser version to follow and possibly
native mobile apps. We closed a seed round recently and already have a
number of VC firms interested in Series A if we can execute.

I'd like a brilliant cohort to wade through architecture options as well as
be a coding monster. Ideally you're a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-some.
Perhaps you don't know everything, but given time and your ability to figure
things out and get stuff done you're an invaluable asset. You'll be working
with similar types. We'll be hiring a few more of them. We don't care about
titles as much as cohesiveness and ability to organize and attack.

There's a real-time front-end component (might fool around with
gevent+gunicorn+sockiet.io, hookbox, and stuff like that), a few interesting
algo problems with speed and storage issues to consider, etc. I've been
building the alpha using Python/Django/jQuery/Postgres deployed on ubuntu
with nginx/uwsgi, but it's early enough along that I'm open to architecture
and product ideas you bring to the problem we're solving.

At the moment I'm looking for an all-around multiple-hat-wearing type, but
we'll quickly be moving to mobile, probably testing the waters with a mobile
browser version and considering native iPhone/Android apps. So experience
and connections you bring to the table across the board are valuable.

You must be extremely self-motivated, well-spoken, and direct. Gregarious
and funny would be nice. The team has a very straight-forward "say what you
think" dynamic. We don't care about education and accolades, we care about
performance, team dynamics, and beating competitors.

Send me a resume and an intro with links to projects you've worked on, open
source contributions / github account, or anything else we should know about
you that sets you apart.

Or if you have a friend who might fit the bill, let me know!

gmail: davidmarble
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