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I too have been playing around with web frameworks and 
applications.  I've decided to use Pyramid.  Other frameworks 
constrained me into doing things their way, bound me to using a 
specific data source, or lacked sufficient documentation and support.

Pyramid does not get in your way.  It provides only what you 
need and does not constrain you in regards to data sources, 
template engines, URL traversal versus routes, and so on.

I worked through the Pyramid Quick Tutorial in under an hour.


Support is available on mailing lists and IRC.  I attended the 
Pylons Project Mini Conference and code sprint last week, and 
met some of the core members of the project.  Just being in the 
same room made me smarter.  These guys and dozens others hang 
out in IRC #pyramid and #pylons.

Here is some history.  Pyramid is part of the Pylons Project.

Pyramid's core is repoze.bfg with some modifications.

Flask is another lightweight framework.

Plone is more of a CMS than a framework, but I know that folks 
develop applications in it.  Django has a huge ecosystem around 
it.  At PyCon, many folks said of web2py (except the author), 
"Just don't."


On 5/4/11 at 6:41 PM, david.berthelot at gmail.com (David 
Berthelot) pronounced:

>Thanks for the quick responses.
>Mako seems to be something that could work for me.
>Talking about the suggestion of looking into Web Frameworks, I used
>Drupal so far but I am not satisfied with the performance and the
>overhead of the data structure (even with memcache etc...), so I'm
>basically planning to rewrite my website from scratch in a lightweight
>way (from SQL point of view in particular, but also memcache etc...).
>I don't know enough details about other frameworks but my concerns,
>acquired with Drupal, are they might try to satisfy a wide audience
>and often at the expense of tight SQL queries. One more concern is the
>learning curve, took me one month to understand Drupal, it's a lot of
>time and yet there are still a lot of grey areas for me.
>So if there's a framework that's compact and fast I would be tempted
>to get a look into it, but time is short, I really only have 2 weeks
>to rewrite entirely my website which, by the way, is:
>Any suggestions are welcome and thanks again for the pointers ;)
>On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 4:11 PM, David Berthelot
><david.berthelot at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I have a simple question:
>>is there an equivalent to <?php  ... ?> for mixing Python and HTML ?
>>For example something like this:
>> <?python
>>     if user == 1:?>
>> <h1>Welcome admin</h1>
>> <?python
>>     else:?>
>> <h1>Welcome</h1>
>>Basically something similar in behavior to PHP but for Python ;)
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