[Baypiggies] Audio Video Recording of upcoming session

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Thu May 12 06:59:14 CEST 2011

Hi All -

I recently received an offer to record the May 26th session that I
have been asked to pass to the group. Marakana is an open source
training group for whom I'm going to be doing some teaching. One of
the things they do is record User Group sessions that might be of
interest to the public. You can see examples of their videos at

Marakana has asked if it would be OK to record the presentation on May
26th. They would bring their own audio and video equipment, record the
presenter and then edit the recording to put the slides in the video
if available. They would post the video to their TechTV channel and
their Youtube channel and would credit Baypiggies and include a link
to our website in the video. You can see some examples of other UG
videos on their TechTV channel.

We used to have all the sessions recorded thanks to Google. Since
we've changed locations we've had to fall back on volunteer equipment
and labor and it's been much more hit and miss - I don't think we've
had a session recorded for a year or so. I'm biased since I'm going to
work with Marakana but do think that any additional exposure we can
gain would be good for Baypiggies. If you've got an opinion please
reply with a vote (+1/-1).

Simeon Franklin

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