[Baypiggies] Presentation on Automated Testing on Macintosh using PyATOM- for July 2011

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Mon May 16 21:03:35 CEST 2011

We have a person who wants to give a presentation on PyATOM.
I'm thinking about scheduling him for July 2011.
I don't believe we have anyone schedule for June 2011 yet.

Reply with +1 for yes, or -1 if not.

About PyATOM:
Short for Automated Testing on Macintosh, PyATOM is the first Python
library to fully enable GUI testing of Macintosh applications via the
Apple Accessibility API. This library was created out of desperation.
Existing tools such as using appscript to send messages to
accessibility objects are painful to write and slow to use. PyATOM has
direct access to the API. It's fast and easy to use to write tests.

Special thanks:
The VMware Fusion automation team
Nagappan Alagappan and the LDTP team

Download source:

Documentation references:

Documentation is still a work in progress. Read the README on the
Github page for an introduction to PyATOM.

Report bugs - https://github.com/pyatom/pyatom/issues

To subscribe to PyATOM mailing lists, visit http://lists.pyatom.com/
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