[Baypiggies] Feedback on a library evaluation checklist

Michael Pittaro mikeyp at lahondaresearch.org
Wed Nov 9 01:07:38 CET 2011

I"m putting together a checklist of review items for selecting a particular
Python library, and would appreciate some feedback.

The idea is to have a list of items (beyond the core focus of the library)
to help make decisions, especially when there might be multiple
alternatives with various tradeoffs.   Here's my initial cut of the list:

= Python Library Evaluation Checklist =

 * Python versions supported - oldest, latest
 * Python 3 support - native or via 2to3 ?
 * External library dependencies (beyond standard library)
 * Maintenance and activity status
 * Are there unit tests ?
 * Is is documented ?
 * Are there docstrings ?
 * Part of a larger library
 * Part of a another framework
 * Use of C extensions
 * Compatibility with threads and/or multiprocessing
 * Unicode compatibility ?
 * Licensing and distribution terms ?
 * Packaged or source install ?
 * Installable with pip ?
 * Installable with easy_install ?
 * Listed in the Cheese Shop
 * Supported platforms
 * Platform restrictions


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