[Baypiggies] Feedback on a library evaluation checklist

Heikki Toivonen hjtoi at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 04:53:44 CET 2011

Michael Pittaro wrote:
> = Python Library Evaluation Checklist =
>  * Part of a larger library
>  * Part of a another framework

Seems like an obvious addition to the above:

 * Which other applications use it?

In case of non-pure Python extensions it may be useful to know if there
are ready-made binary versions for the platforms you care about. If
there are not, it may indicate that the platform is under serviced.

I would extend the maintenance and activity status to mention how old
the library is, list number of active developers, if there is more than
one entity behind the developers, and how large a portion of the
developers are being paid to work on it. Some of this information may
not always be available, but it can be helpful in determining long term
viability and bias of a project.

It could also be helpful in determining how many of the active
developers have other projects they have contributed significantly into
in the past, or are contributing in currently. There are some people who
are widely respected for their work. So if you use one library and are
happy with, and find another library by the same author(s), it counts
like a strong point in favor.

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