[Baypiggies] Python presentation for Perl audience

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My past experience talking to people who script in Perl is there is 
frequently an emotional attachment to their brackets and bringing up the whitespace/vs brackets tends to cause them to tune out the rest of the 
conversation.   I would leave the brackets/vs whitespace issue out of the conversation, after using python for a few weeks it's pretty self evident to a person that their scripts don't look like a word processor threw up...

I know when I first switched from Perl to Python the things that 
attracted me was that python had a small and simple syntax and logical 
and concise way to build upon it in a way that a person could get up to speed quickly (much more quickly than with Perl).  Also I found the python documentation itself a great selling point, there are python modules to do damn near anything and the documentation is very consistent which makes using them fairly simple. 

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>In an interview  that a recently gave(in a pretty big company), the team was using Perl and i told the Manager about the 'awesomeness' of Python, and the response was :'well, its great if you get the indentations right'; my response was 'it is due to the same reason that python is so awesome. since the code looks clean, its easy to read and you do not have to go searching for braces..etc etc'. 
>So i think, a 'clean-readable' code would be a great selling point along with the 'ease of learning' to your target audience.
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