[Baypiggies] Speaker for February; Was: Update baypiggies.net please

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 20:04:33 CET 2012

Bill -

I appreciate your work to maintain the baypiggies site and apologize
for not being quicker with the talk description, etc. If you have time
to update again (and for the list):

My talk is titled "Data Visualization with Pyprocessing.

I aim to briefly cover the concept of data visualisations with a
couple of inspiring examples, describe the popular data visualization
tool "Processing" and introduce pyprocessing, a port of the Processing
drawing API to Python, by way of a couple of example programs I've
written. I'll share the lessons I've learned so far in creating data
visualizations and discuss some drawbacks/workarounds specific to

We have at least one lighting talk volunteer (Chen-Shan Chin on
IPython hacks) and more would be good!

I am a long time software developer, a long time Baypiggy, and
recently became a full-time Python instructor for Marakana. I like to
fool around with Python in my spare time :)

Simeon Franklin

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