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bom dia ramiro!! (eu não entendo português, portanto eu fala inglês!)

sorry i did not meet you at PythonBrasil[7] a few months ago, but we
welcome you to California! from the PyCon website, you will find this link
to area attractions: https://us.pycon.org/2012/venue/explore/

however, it is only for the San Francisco and Silicon Valley. others will
have to help you with visiting the southern part of the state or elsewhere.
Note that it is about a 6-hour drive from here to Los Angeles, or one-hour
by plane. I recommend the following airlines if you're planning on flying
(look for airfare around $50USD or 90BRL each way): southwest.com,
virginamerica.com, or alaskaair.com.

good luck on your trip, and say HI to luciano, rodolpho, and érico for me!
(do most Brazilian mens names end with "o"?) :-)


On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 5:24 AM, Ramiro B. da Luz <ramiroluz at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am a Brazilian pythonista, host of the PythonBrasil[6]-2010
> (PythonBrasil is
> the name we gave to PyConBrazil).
> First of all, sorry about the cross posting.
> I am planning my trip to US to attend to the PyConUS.
> I would like to make the most from my travel to US, so I intend to arrive
> some
> days before the conference/tutorials and leave some days after the
> conference/sprint.
> I planned to arrive in San Francisco at March 3, visit some places,
> attend to the
> conference and leave San Francisco at March 18. My mileage program company
> doesn't have flies to San Jose, so I will go to Santa Clara through
> San Francisco.
> I would like to visit a lot of places, go surf(just to say to my
> friends, it can be only
> one morning), go sky, visit famous places, maybe Los Angeles, Hollywood,
> visit
> the desert, aquarium, the golden gate, and do some shopping, specially in
> a free
> trade area.
> Any advice or tip are welcome. Cheap hotel or places to stay, things
> to take care,
> etc...
> Thank you.

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