[Baypiggies] version in python package distributions, argh

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Mon Jan 23 05:50:50 CET 2012

How do people manage the version number in the setup.py file of your
distributions?  I have distributions that contain exectuable scripts.  I
like those scripts to have a -V or --version command line option like
other well behaved programs.  Unless I do something clever, this leads
to duplication of the version info in at least 2 places, with
predictable um, results.

So, I did try something clever:

from distutils.core import setup
import subprocess

sp = subprocess.Popen(['./hgit', '--version'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
vline = sp.stdout.read()
prog, version = vline.strip().split()

setup (name = 'hgit',
       version = version,


only to discover that during installation from a source package the
script file is not necessarily executable, which will crash any
invocation of setup.py.

What other ways are there to solve this annoying situation?

Ian Zimmerman
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