[Baypiggies] json using huge memory footprint and not releasing

Dennis Reinhardt DennisR at dair.com
Sat Jun 16 03:52:38 CEST 2012

At 03:08 PM 6/15/2012, David Lawrence wrote:
>In chrome, memory usage spikes to 3GB from 600MB, then the tab 
>crashes ("Aw, Snap!").

Tell me about it!

I see a similar thing with Chrome on my own json code.  It iterates 
through about 18-20 client-server exchanges and then the round trip 
delay gets progressively worse, *much worse*.  Chrome crashes at 
about iteration 22 or so.

I run IE and see what looks like 6 independent threads.  That does 
not look reasonable but IE does not crash either.  This is why I 
suggested trying more than one browser.

I am pretty sure I have a JSON problem hanging up its host.  I would 
not rule out that you have one too.  I am suspecting that any fixes 
you make on the Python side might be futile until whatever is hanging 
JSON (and Chrome) is squared away.


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