[Baypiggies] What am I missing using a text editor with some good Python features instead of an IDE?

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 19:19:04 CET 2012

Hi again. I use BBEdit on the Mac and love it for editing all sorts of
text files. It does a very nice job with Python programs: it handles
indentation well; it shows me balanced opens when typing closing ), ],
and }; it has a drop-down for all the subroutine names, and a few
other things.

However, I haven't used any of the free/paid Python IDEs, and I
realized that I might be missing some Really Cool Features that would
cause me to use an IDE for my Python work and my text editor for the
rest of the text work (like the HTML files documenting the Python...).
What useful features am I missing?

Yes, this could cause a "my IDE is best" war, but I think some of us
on the sidelines would benefit. :-)

--Paul Hoffman

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