[Baypiggies] SF Meeting?

akleider at sonic.net akleider at sonic.net
Tue Oct 9 02:29:43 CEST 2012

The OLPC XO laptop computer interface is Sugar (from sugarlabs.org) (built
on top of Fedora/Linux) and is all written in Python (or at least the
activities are.) OLPC-SF Community Summit is coming up on the 19th to the
21st followed at the same location by Sugar Camp for two or tree days. 
Some members of the local Python community might be interested in knowing
about this and perhaps even participating. If you did have a 'baypiggies'
meeting in the City, the Sugar Camp participants might like to attend.


You could contact holt at laptop.org if you need more details. Adam Holt is
doing much of the co-ordinating.

> Hey all,
> Since there are often SF folks requesting rides to/from meetings down in
> MV, I was wondering if there would be any interest in having a meeting in
> SF. My company (MindSnacks) would be willing to host an event. We _may_
> even be able to provide some snacks and/or pizza, but no promises on that
> just yet :).
> Cheers,
> Ryan
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