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Oh, now there's an interesting hands-on project!  How about both 
Django and Pyramid?  There's also tutorials for both as a 
starting point.


On 10/22/12 at 8:10 PM, msabramo at gmail.com (Marc Abramowitz) pronounced:

>I'd be up for helping with the site. I don't know Plone, but 
>I'd be up for learning a bit and perhaps if there was a talk on 
>it... :-) Plone in theory is a powerful CMS though I've not 
>managed to wrap my head around it but I didn't have a use case 
>to motivate me to learn it. If we wanted to switch from Plone, 
>it could be a fun team project for a bunch of us to create a 
>site in Django/Pyramid/etc.
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>On Oct 22, 2012, at 2:36 PM, Tony Cappellini <tony at tcapp.com> wrote:
>>> Could you expand on that?  From my POV, there's no reason we can't have
>>> "BayPIGgies SF" meetings using this same mailing list and website.
>>> There could also be "BayPIGgies East Bay".
>>1. The website is not setup at the moment to support multiple groups.
>>I don't have time to make those changes, and I don't want to have to support
>>multiple groups. Finding speakers each month isn't fun.
>>Other's need to get involved finding speakers for any splinter
>>groups, updating the website
>>and managing the list. Others need to get involved to maintain the
>>site too. Bill Deegan
>>has been handling this for a long time. Plone is a pain to work
>>with and maintain, he's the
>>only one who has shouldered that burden. We've talked about
>>dumping Plone for a decent
>>CMS, but haven't arrived at any decision yet.
>>2. Multiple groups on one list is just a recipe for confusion.
>>New groups, new sites. It's that simple.
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