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Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Fri Oct 26 19:58:07 CEST 2012

(Although the subject of this email is absolutely horrible at summarizing
the content that the email will contain; I was cute...  And, hopefully got
attention :)

How similar are JavaScript and Java? Mostly just by name - they're
completely different technologies and JavaScript was renamed to be
JavaScript because Java was hot and it was marketing hype. I still get
recruiters who search on "Java", get a hit against "JavaScript" on my
resume, and think I'm a perfect fit for the job (and I can't convince them
otherwise... argh).

In the like vein, how similar are Tornado and Twisted? Not the same thing.

A year or so ago, I was so scared of Tornado. I remember trying to review a
talk of Tornado, Twisted, gevent, greenlets, etc. and it was overwhelming.
I had no idea on any of it because it was all jumped in my mind...

I started learning Tornado about a month or so ago. I read this book (free
online via sfpl.org library if you're a member): Introduction to Tornado
(Michael Dory, Adam Parrish, and Brenden Berg). It was a pretty good

Then, I put tornado to rest for about a month -- I didn't need it
immediately. But, what I've learned up to this point is that its actually
quite easy. It's more like a Django framework with some
different architectural decisions for long polling, less built-in
functionality, and a very clean code base.

Today, I began reviewing this video (don't let the title scare you -- just
watch the first 30 minutes for a perfect clean over view -- Mongo isn't
even mentioned until the end):


I have to tell you, this is all much easier than it first seemed. If you
were scared like me because twisted "twists your mind" and you think
"twisted" and "tornado" are similar references to this stuff and thus
tornado must "twist your mind too." Oh no. Not the same at all....

Venture out.  Take a poke at the book and video mentioned above. I think
you'll find it's actually quite easy and fun!



"Pursue, keep up with, circle round and round your life as a dog does his
master's chase. Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it,
unearth it, and gnaw it still."

--Henry David Thoreau
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