[Baypiggies] Tesla Motors, Palo Alto, CA is looking for an on-site Python Software Engineer to develop Vehicle Service Tools

David Stewart dstewart at teslamotors.com
Fri Sep 7 02:33:35 CEST 2012

Tesla Motors, Palo Alto, CA is looking for an on-site Python Software Engineer to develop Vehicle Service Tools

Job Description & Responsibilities:

The job is varied, and we're looking for strong generalists. We display live data from the vehicle, read and interpret log files, install new firmware into the vehicle, activate various self-tests and utilities via the in-car network, auto-update from web servers, push logs to web servers, write & read databases full of metadata, and soon hope to use machine learning to identify nominal versus error conditions and point directly to problem causes.

Using PySide (similar to PyQt) you will write diagnostics used by Tesla and 3rd party service technicians in a Windows(tm) environment. By creating innovative tools that entail interactive diagrams, graphs, tables and listings, you'll help technicians visualize what is going on in the vehicle, from simple pass/fail indicators to detailed root cause analysis. The diagnostic tools are part of a highly networked environment, communicating to both Tesla corporate servers and processors in the vehicle. The tools are also highly configurable, deployed as simple go/no-go tests, as well as remote engineering debugging services.

We are committed to using Python because we like to have an interpreter available while debugging both the code, and the vehicle.

Required Experience and Skills:

BS in EE/CS or equivalent

5+ years experience with GUI development in PyQt or PySide (or wxPython), or a platform toolkit such as Qt and desire to write Python.

1+ years experience with implementing automated test plans or diagnostics, or equivalent UI work in machine control, robotics, or software testing

Experience programming to network client/server protocols

Experience manipulating data structures at bit and byte level; can 'speak hex' and explain 'big endian'

Ability to solve problems collaboratively with subject matter experts in different departments

Be comfortable in a dynamic 'start-up' environment, capable of prioritizing and completing tasks despite multiple demands on your time.

Experience in a professional setting: comfortable using version control, build and release processes, bug tracking systems.

Must love fast, green cars and changing the world.

Bonus points for experience with:

CAN/LIN/UDS protocols

IP/TCP/UDP network protocols and tools (Wireshark)

Shiboken, PySide to Qt C++ bindings

C++, Qt, Microsoft compilers

web-services protocols: SOAP, REST (client side)

automotive systems, batteries, electric motors, high voltage

serial communications generally (USB, RS-232/488)

log parsing and analysis

Wireshark dissectors

CAN DBC files

Dave Stewart
Manager, Tesla Service Diagnostics
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