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Tony Cappellini tony at tcapp.com
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Hi Baypiggies,

Can we get some votes on this post for the October meeting?



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Hi Python hackers, Wiki lovers, Web developers, geeks, designers,

I just wanted to ask if there is some interest in MoinMoin Wiki within
your group?

MoinMoin is a wiki engine written in Python and we are currently working
on the next major release of it (moin2), which will be quite different
and much more powerful than the 1.x stuff you maybe already know.

We use quite some external libraries / frameworks now (like flask,
werkzeug, jinja2, ...), see the link below.

It's not production ready yet, but ready for hacking and UI style

Some details about it and some more links can be found there:


Two MoinMoin core developers (Bastian Blank and me) will be in
California from Oct. 12 to 26 for Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit,
travelling around by car, having some [sf]un and meeting other geeks. :)

Our route will be something like:
Oct 12 arrival at San Francisco Airport
... (not decided yet)
Oct 19 evening .. Oct 21 evening MENTOR SUMMIT (Mountain View)
... (not decided yet)
Oct 26 departure from San Francisco Airport

I posted this to:
* baypiggies ML
* socal-piggies ML
* noisebridge-discuss ML

So, if this sounds interesting, please reply (and maybe also tell what's
your field of interest / whether you are already familiar with
moin/moin2 - we can talk about everything, but if we have some specific
topics and know how deep it can get, it might get more interesting).

If there is enough interest, maybe we can arrange something.

BTW, we are on IRC quite often, you can meet us on #moin or #moin-dev on
chat.freenode.net (have some patience, we are not always staring at the
channel :).


Thomas & Bastian

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