[Baypiggies] Python Standardized Skill Scoring Chart

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Wed Apr 17 23:14:25 CEST 2013

On 4/17/13 1:53 PM, Glen Jarvis wrote:
> 90% of the mismatches from recruiters could be cut down if we just handed this scale
> out and asked to self evaluate. (Or, I'm being naive?).

I was told by a hiring manager in Silicon Valley recently that I (probably in the
mid- to high-7's on this loose scale we are talking about) was the only person out of
dozens presented by recruiters as "experienced python developers" that could even
write a basic class definition.

He doesn't want to even talk to the recruiters that presented these candidates again,
but he feels like he has to given how hard it apparently is currently to find people
that know how to do real stuff with Python.

He could probably use such a list to do a 5-minute phone screening himself, but I
don't see this working very well if administered by HR or outside recruiters that
don't themselves have Python knowledge.

I could see it as a self-evaluation part of the screening, where the candidate places
themself and then the hiring manager can start there with specific phone screening
questions based on that self-evaluated level.


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