[Baypiggies] Python Standardized Skill Scoring Chart

David Berthelot david.berthelot at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 23:50:49 CEST 2013

I agree with you Sean, in my context (a silicon valley based fast growing
startup), we had a hard time to find developers alone, competent developers
were even harder to find, and finding competent python developers was a lot
harder. Since we were growing fast and needed to hire multiple people in a
short span of time, we needed to find the next best thing to a smart python
coder, which was a smart coder in our case.

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Sean Perry <shaleh at speakeasy.net> wrote:

> On Apr 17, 2013, at 2:28 PM, David Berthelot wrote:
> > Often the concepts like decorators take 5 minutes to understand to
> someone smart, modules API documentation can be looked up in seconds. So my
> approach to interview has been more focused on 'can you get things done'
> than on syntax or language specifics.
> >
> I largely agree with this but..... I have encountered a LOT of coders who
> code like they are using C in whatever language they are given. Think lots
> of explicit for loops and avoiding classes along with not designing for
> unit tests. They pick up Python the language without a problem. But they
> never write idiomatic Python. I ask about "deeper" language features
> because I am curious if the person has taken the time to learn about the
> language or if they looked at the quick start list because they had to use
> Python for the task at hand. They get kudos for being agnostic enough to
> consider another language but I find the quality of the code is better when
> I look for people who actually want to use the language and like it.
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