[Baypiggies] Study group for learning Python via coursera.org

C Poda clp302 at poda.net
Thu Apr 18 20:14:48 CEST 2013


I'm starting the free Python class at coursera.org.
It began Monday 4/15 (easy to join, not too late yet), & goes for
9 weeks.  They rate it at 7-9 hrs of work/week:

   Intro to Interactive Programming in Python

Please contact me if you are interested in joining a study group,
to meet weekly.  Location is flexible; I'm near Redwood City.
Let me know your preferences regarding location, day of week,
and time of day.  If you are part of an existing study group
looking for a serious and motivated member, let me know.

Also, if any experienced developers are interested in offering
occasional real-world advice on our issues & code, please
let me know.  It would be nice to have a local expert available
by email or to meet w/ us, perhaps 2-4 times during this course.

Christopher Poda

clp302 -at- poda -dot- net

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