[Baypiggies] Future ideas: A salty ansible

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Wed Apr 24 14:34:07 CEST 2013

On 4/23/13 6:48 PM, Glen Jarvis wrote:
> I'd love to see a talk that goes over the concepts of these four (possibly five)
> products, and makes it easy to digest. There's no way I can give this talk as I am
> struggling with Chef and Puppet and never really dove into Saltstack or Ansible.
> However, if different people volunteered to give a 15 min presentation on each of the
> components (and collaborated on a common intro on concepts), it may make it
> manageable. I could demo OpsWorks from Amazon and how it can be used to build a
> Python, Django, gunicorn, nginx environment.


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