[Baypiggies] python app not cleaning up in 64bit environment

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Fri Apr 26 14:39:48 CEST 2013

On 4/25/13 9:25 AM, Max Slimmer wrote:
> I have an app built with python2.7,  py2exe. It uses wx libraries, ADIODBC and much
> more. When the app is run on a 64bit version of windows it leaves a copy of itself
> running, as seen in task manager. The only clue I have so far is if I try to
> re-install and there is one of these instances running it failes to load something in
> the wx library.
> Any one else experienced this, any ideas how to go about debuging?

I haven't seen this, but here are some general questions and areas to test:

+ Do you build with py2exe on a 64-bit Windows system with 64-bit python and wxPython

+ What version of wx?

+ What version of py2exe?

+ Can you try building with cx_freeze or PyInstaller instead (py2exe, last I
researched, seemed to have stalled out and I had other problems getting my app
working on Vista and Win7)

+ Can you run your app directly from source on the target 64-bit machine for testing,
to eliminate py2exe being the problem?

+ Can you build a stripped-down that loads and shows a wxFrame and then quits?

My hunch is that the wx.App isn't exiting the MainLoop for some reason, but it could
very well be for some reason unrelated to wx. All you can do is start pulling on
various strings and watching for any change in behavior until you figure out the
source of the problem. It's what coffee and loud music is for.


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