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Wed Feb 27 00:46:13 CET 2013

Howdy BayPIGgies --

We're assembling a product analytics group at
Riverbed<http://www.riverbed.com/us/> and
a couple of openings in San Francisco. Our task is to archive,
analyze, and report on what happens to our appliances after customers
deploy them -- how they are used, how they fail, how they could be
made better. The services we build are used by a variety of groups
within the company. Most of this development is done in Python.

One role is for a general swiss-army-knife sort of programmer.
You'd build web applications using, eg, Node.js and Bootstrap; plumb
data streams with Kafka and RabbitMQ; ETL into elasticsearch and
MySQL; and stage out to Hadoop or Drill. You don't need to know those
technologies to get hired, just convince us you are not afraid.

The other position is for an analytics architect. If you can tell me
why I chose the buzzwords above, and what I should've specified instead
for managing and mining data streams from thousands of network appliances
around the globe, you are hired. The platform is in the
phase, so you'll be there from the beginning and not lamenting someone
else's choices.

Riverbed is a pretty swell company. We just got named #3 best place to work
(behind Facebook and McKinsey consulting) in Glassdoor's satisfaction
The Analytics group is small, nimble, and operates across many boundaries
within the company to get its job done.

These jobs have official company links with a more starched presentation:

Senior Software Engineer - Analytics
Lead Software Engineer - Analytics

I'm in the analytics group, so feel free to pelt me with questions or go
straight for the interview forms at those links.

-- Will Welch
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