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Hi Tony,

To focus on just the Hack Night, I'll start a new discussion 
thread.  I volunteered to coordinate this proposed event, but 
hadn't got all the pieces together to make an announcement yet.  
I'll proceed and not sweat the details.


On 6/30/13 at 2:32 PM, cappy2112 at gmail.com (Tony Cappellini) pronounced:

>Hello Everyone,
>We've have several great suggestions for topics for upcoming Baypiggies
>1. Hackathon / newbies night (need people to volunteer to be an instructor)
>2. Python- best practices (we need 1 or more volunteers for this)
>3. Using PIL (one person volunteered to give a presentation on PIL. Please
>email me off-list)
>Would anyone be interested in participating in the Hackathon- as an
>instructor? (Instructors will need to bring their laptop)
>I  will be taking votes for topics to teach in an email following this one.
>Given that the room we were in last week has enough room for about ~30
>I'm thinking we should limit ourselves to 5-10 topics.
>Without an overhead projector for each topic group, it will be difficult
>for 1 instructor to work with more than 2-3 students.
>Trying to squeeze around a small laptop screen with too many people just
>isn't practical.
>For those of you who have participated in the North Bay Hackathons, please
>chime in with suggestions.
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