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Mon Jul 1 00:55:12 CEST 2013

[Please forward to interested parties]

Dear BayPiggies,

At the close of Thursday night's meeting, I volunteered to 
solicit feedback from the BayPiggies list and other Python user 
groups for holding a monthly Python Hack Night in the South Bay Area.

To start coordinating the event, I'd first like to measure 
interest.  Please visit the following Google Form to provide 
your feedback.


If you don't see your topic in the list, you can either fill out 
the form with your response or email me directly at 
web at stevepiercy.com and I'll add it.

If there is sufficient interest for the event, then I'll work on 
scheduling it.  I would be sensitive to other meetings of 
PyLadiesSF South Bay, BayPiggies, and SFPython, and avoid 
scheduling conflicts as much as practical.

We currently have a space generously hosted and sponsored by 
LinkedIn, although I would entertain offers from other sponsors 
to host elsewhere.

FYI, I attended the SF Python Hack Night on Monday night, and it 
was an amazing 3-hour event with 141 attendees.  Skill levels 
ranged from total newbie to seasoned developer.  Interests 
included installation, testing, automation, Django, Numpy/Scipy, 
pandas, and a few others I probably missed.  Some folks huddled 
around tables, others broke out into conference rooms with white 
boards.  Food and beverage was provided by the sponsoring host, 
AdRoll HQ, to fuel us.

PyLadiesSF South Bay has also been holding meetups.

Also see the Silicon Valley Python Meetup.


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