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Jen Selby jenselby at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 23:18:04 CEST 2013

I liked _Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.5_.


I read a beta version as I was working on my first (and current) Django
project and found there was a lot of good advice, even though I am still on
Django 1.4. It's less a full technical manual -- the online Django docs are
good for that -- and more a manual on good taste and avoiding common

Full disclosure: it was written by friends of mine.


On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Shannon -jj Behrens <jjinux at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Can you guys recommend a good, up-to-date Django book? Django might be a
> good fit for something I have in mind.
> Thanks,
> -jj
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