[Baypiggies] Job: Python Software Developer @ Stanford Class2Go

Joe Blaylock jrbl at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 13 04:27:48 CET 2013

We actually have several Python gigs open, but I'm only going to post once,
per the policy. *ahem*

Stanford University, Class2Go

Job Description:
This person will be the primary operations and release engineer for
Class2Go. Class2Go has two goals: to expand the reach of university
education and to be a great platform for innovation. Our stack is modern
and sane: Python/Django and MySQL on the backend, Bootstrap, jQuery,
Popcorn (and others) on the frontend. We bring up machines quickly in AWS
with Chef.

* Experience with tools and features from the Python ecosystem (Django;
infrastructure packages like Storages and Registration; toolchain
components like South and PIP).
* At least three years experience operating a commercial web site using
modern management tools. Ability to develop automation tools.
* Chef or something similar (e.g., Puppet).
* Familiar with managing cloud infrastructure. We use AWS.
* Experience with running reliable production databases.
* Support the production Class2Go platform: debug, be available on-call.
* Git for version control and source code management (tagging and
branching; repository management; code review).
* Jenkins.

About the team
We think it's important for our software to be free – both beer-free and
speech-free. A benefit is that we can easily work with other schools and
non-profits, like Khan. It also expands the project's reach. Working on an
open project is an excellent way to build your Github resume. See what we
are up to by looking at our code (
https://github.com/Stanford-Online/class2go/) and bug/issue lists (

What Python is used for:
Nearly everything we do is in Python: management, reporting, core logic,
content management. The only exceptions are Javascript in the UI, and some
configuration bits. We love the Python ecosystem, especially Django.

Contact Info:
* More information and apply at: http://class2go.stanford.edu/hiring#
* No telecommuting
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