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Justine Lam justine.lam at counsyl.com
Sat Oct 5 00:14:31 CEST 2013

RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/The-San-Francisco-Django-Meetup-Group/events/141505312/

In this month's talk we have two, 30 min talks from engineers at Counsyl.

Talk #1 Counsyl.objects.filter(django_queryset_type=EXAMPLES, helpful=True)

(Helpful examples of Django QuerySet use at Counsyl)

This talk is about advanced use of Django's QuerySet API based on
lessons learned at Counsyl. You'll learn how to debug, optimize and
use the QuerySet API efficiently. The main examples focus on
demystifying how QuerySet maps to SQL and how seemingly simple Python
code, presumably fast O(1) queries, can result in unacceptably long
runtime and often O(N) or worse queries. Solutions are provided for
keeping your Python code simple and RDMS use performant.

Speaker Bio:

Jayson Falker is a software developer for Counsyl. He has an EEN/CS
degree and a PhD in Bioinformatics. He is a long-time open-source
Linux/Java/Web developer, book author, and presenter. He has focused
on proteomics and genomics research since the mid-2000's, including
working for a few years at startups and for Dow AgroSciences. Jayson
is quick to get his geek on and also loves to build ridiculous
side-projects, including a 6' tall Jenga set that weighs 300lbs and
mobile apps that give you awesome virtual mustaches.

Talk #2 Django, Postgres, Timezones, and You

Dealing with multiple time zones can be tricky and it is easy to run
into problems if you are not careful. This talk explores some of the
potiential pitfalls when working with timestamps in Django and
Postgres and how to deal with them.

Consider the following code:

   dt = datetime.datetime.now()

   myobj = MyDjangoModel.objects.create(timestamp=dt)

   myobj = MyDjangoModel.objects.get(pk=myobj.pk)

Would you expect that 'myobj.timestamp == dt'? With the default Django
settings that is not guaranteed to be the case; come to this talk and
find out why.

Speaker Bio:

Dave Peticolas is a software engineer at Counsyl. Prior to that he was
a software engineer at Lucasfilm for ten years. He has contributed to
numerous open source projects including GnuCash and Twisted, and is
the author of a popular introduction to Twisted and asynchronous
programming at http://krondo.com.


5:30pm - Check in and socialize. There will be some pizza and drinks
provided by Hearsay Social!

6:15pm - Lightning talks if we have any

6:30pm - Jayson's talk

7:00pm - Dave's talk

8:00pm - Time to head home

Notes from Hearsay Social:

• Doors will open at 5:30pm to allow enough time for the check-in process.

• Please update the name on your account to reflect your FIRST NAME
and LAST NAME. Hearsay Social Security will be checking IDs at the
door. *Please note: You WILL ONLY be allowed into the event if we have
your first and last name (that matches the name on your ID) prior to
the event.

• Hearsay Social is generously providing us with their venue space.
Let's make sure we treat it with respect and clean up after ourselves.


Counsyl is a medical genomics startup in South San Francisco,
California. Our goal is to make the human genome practically useful
for life- altering decisions.

We invented the Counsyl Test, a breakthrough diagnostic intended for
parents planning to start a family. It was featured in the New York
Times, named one of Scientific American’s Top 10 World Changing Ideas,
and won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award for Medicine. Our
test is now being used for 12% of all carrier screens in the United

The cost of sequencing human genomes is plunging - over 5x faster than
the cost of computing; the potential impact on preventive healthcare
and the medical landscape is boundless. The science is there but the
scale isn't. That's where Counsyl comes in. We are building the
technology platform to make genomics useful and accessible to

The vast majority of our operations are powered by our own
custom-built infrastructure on a Python/Django/Postgres stack, from
ordering to lab processing to billing. We’re building new tools, new
workflows, and new infrastructure to solve the challenging problems of
a technology startup involved with not just bits, but also
interconnected physical components like lab robotics and patient

Thanks to Rudy Mutter who organizes this Django Meetup and hope you can make it!

Justine Lam
Counsyl | Community Outreach
justine at counsyl.com

Mobile: 925.405.6252

We're hiring! jobs.counsyl.com
Counsyl Blog: blog.counsyl.com

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