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Sat Oct 12 01:33:45 CEST 2013

Amyris has developed a high-throughput genetic engineering platform for
designing and building custom microbes to serve as living factories. Using
an industrial scale fermentation process, our biorefineries convert sugars
into a wide variety of target molecules, including medicines, fuels, and
commodity chemicals, many of which are currently derived from petroleum and
other non-renewable or unsustainable sources.

*Position Summary *
* *
We are searching for a talented and self-motivated engineer to join our
Software Engineering team in building the most advanced production-scale
synthetic biology platform on the planet. Research and Development at
Amyris is a highly multidisciplinary effort, requiring brilliant
contributions from every area of the life sciences and engineering

>From hacking yeast DNA in the lab to full scale factory production of
renewable chemicals, every aspect of our work is facilitated and
accelerated by software and hardware automation. The tools we develop
integrate the activities of scientists, engineers, and industrial robots to
achieve rapid optimization of genetic designs and laboratory processes.

Among the tools we have developed are a CAD/CAM system for genetic
engineering: a compiler toolchain whose target architecture is life itself.
This stack physically integrates high level genetic modules into microbial
hosts. We also derive novel strains through random mutagenesis and directed
evolution. Using our custom control platform, we then subject these
experimental organisms to high throughput performance screening in our
state-of-the-art robot labs.

This is your chance to do truly foundational work in industrial
biotechnology. We are past proof of principle; we have begun the rapid
expansion of a technology that will play a defining role in 21st century
industry. We offer competitive compensation, excellent healthcare benefits,
unlimited high quality conversation, and many other benefits.

*Primary Responsibilities*

   - Design, develop and maintain web based applications written in Python.
   - Collaborate with scientists to transform an understanding of their
   workflow into designs and implementations of appropriate data models and
   user interfaces.
   - Effectively communicate with research scientists.
   - Apply best practices of software development throughout your work,
   while staying abreast of advances in the practice.


   - 3-5 years of professional programming experience.
   - Expert level coding skills in Python or a similar high-level language.
   - Experience with full-stack web application development, including
   coding skills in Javascript, CSS and HTML.
   - Relational database design and coding experience. We use PostgreSQL
   and SQL Server, though we also treat plasmids and chromosomes as datastores.
   - Experience developing software in a Linux environment.
   - Fluent command-line skills.
   - Experience with modern web frameworks: Pyramid, Django, Flask, Rails,
   or similar.
   - Experience using DVCS, especially Mercurial or Git.
   - Energetic and self-motivated. Able to work independently and as part
   of a team.
   - Familiarity with software design patterns and architectural principals.
   - You should exhibit religious devotion to software testing.
   - A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related field, or
   substantial equivalent experience.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to respond to me directly or
apply via the online application form at amyris.com.


Brian Hawthorne

Software Engineer @ Amyris
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