[Baypiggies] request for opinions re python-web server-database

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Sun Apr 13 02:19:20 CEST 2014

On 04/12/2014 12:03 PM, jim wrote:
> [rudimentary questions]
>     I have a client for whom I'm cooking up the following:
> * on a dedicated computer with no LAN connection
> * some (hopefully) lean web server with a set of web
>   pages that get data from the user and to a local
>   database and another set of web pages used to get
>   data and format reports, both using javascript to
>   get and present data
> * some python module(s) that interface between the
>   (lean) web server and the database
> * some (hopefully simple but bulletproof) database
>   management system, (again, hopefully) not mysql
>   and postgresql is okay though I hope for something
>   simpler. Data is primarily strings and integers. The
>   need could be satisfied with a set of flat files (plain
>   text ASCII) colon-delimited or some such, but I hope
>   not to reinvent too many wheels.
>     Go opinions on a good, lean web server and a
> compatible python module and rdbms system?
>     Or an alternative approach (it'd be fine with me if I
> can do everything by typing in some Python files, tho'
> Django is a learning curve that I hope to avoid for
> this project).
> Hopefully, with thanks,
> jim
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When I built something exactly like this for a non-profit circa 2002 the 
simplest and easiest thing was zope :) especially if you use the 
management interface to do everything instead of writing modules and 
doing things the naive way instead of the right way.

As to 'lean' I think that will depend on what your baseline is. If its 
j2ee frameworks almost everything is lean, if its bottle, well almost 
nothing is lean.


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