[Baypiggies] Python 3 and the GUI - opinions wanted

Dirk Bergstrom dirk at otisbean.com
Tue Apr 22 20:06:02 CEST 2014

On 04/22/2014 10:12 AM, Martin Falatic wrote:
> When it comes to creating a modern GUI-based, cross-platform application
> in Linux/Mac and Windows using Python (and taking Python 3 into
> consideration, with Python 2.7 as a backport path) what's is the best
> direction to go in? Tkinter, PySide (Qt), others?

Consider using the browser as your UI toolkit.  Build a "web app" that 
listens on localhost, and you get access to a huge variety of UI tools 
and libraries, an enormous developer community and great debugging 
tools.  It also greatly reduces the number of dependencies you need to 
install, since every user already has a browser, whereas basically 
nobody has your particular version of Qt/Tk/GTK pre-installed.

Dirk Bergstrom
dirk at otisbean.com

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