[Baypiggies] Tonight: Using IPython for Parallel Computing

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Thu Apr 24 16:23:04 CEST 2014

*Speaker: Benjamin Ragan-Kelley*
Topic: Using IPython for Parallel Computing

IPython provides tools for interactive computing – code introspection,
completion, and environments such as an interactive shell and web-based
notebook. In addition to these environments, IPython provides a suite of
tools for interactive parallel computing on multicore machines or clusters.
We will cover some of the API and architecture for IPython.parallel, using
some example use cases. It will all be presented in IPython notebooks, so
you can follow along if you like.

*Speaker: *
Min finished his PhD at UC Berkeley in computational plasma physics in May,
2013. He has been a contributor to IPython since 2006, when the first
implementation of IPython's parallel computing capabilities was his
undergraduate thesis at Santa Clara University. He now works full time on
IPython at UC Berkeley, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. He is
also the maintainer of pyzmq, the Python bindings of the ZeroMQ messaging

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Meeting ScheduleThe meeting begins @ 7:30PM.
The main presentation will start @ 7:40 PM, after the usual announcements.

LinkedIn Corporation
2061 (Bldg 6) Stierlin Ct.Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: *Neon Carrot conference room *(subject to change monthly)


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